Rethink Studio - Profile


Rethink Ltd trading as Rethink Studio was established in 2009 as a creative environment for contemporary architecture and design.



We are a firm of six, two principals, two draft persons, one administration staff and a graduate.



We create architecture that retains the essence of tropical climatic design while relating to modern lifestyles and uses for human comfort. Our aim is to develop creative concepts that push the design to its full potential while enhancing the built environment. We therefore refrain from categorizing our work into a particular “style” but rather as appropriate responses to our Clients’ needs while placing thoughtful considerations to site, climate, materials used and function with emphasis on making dynamic spaces that stands the test of time.

The Projects, we have undertaken are of various scales and types, from furniture design to high-end private villas, large-scale mixed-use feasibilities to boutique hospitality developments. We believe architecture is about spatial experience, social interaction and human emotions.